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Truck Diversion Needs Not Wait for JORR Completion

The timing is recognised change many things.

JAKARTA – Head of DKI Jakarta’s Transportation Department Udar Pristono said that the diversion of trucks from the Cawang - Tomang toll road can still be done despite the Jakarta Outer Ring Highway (JORR) W2 sections 3 and 4, which connects Ulujami with Kebon Jeruk, being unfinished yet. "No problem. (The truck flow) can be diverted through the Serpong toll road," he told Tempo yesterday.

The 80m-wide W2 JORR, with a coverage of 40m for the toll road and 20m each on the right and left sides for the arterial road, which connects Pondok Pinang with Kebon Jeruk, is currently not yet fully finished. The W2 JORR sections 1 and 2, which connect Pondok Pinang - Veteran - Ulujami along 3.56km, have been operating, but the W2 section 3, which connects Ulujami with Joglo along 2.04km, is still embroiled in land acquisition problems. Meanwhile the W2 section 4, which connects Joglo with Kebon Jeruk along 5.61km, is still under construction. "It is true that when the W2 is done, things will be easier, but even at this time, there would not be a problem," said Udar Pristono. The unfinished JORR section that connects Cilincing with Tanjung Priok along a 5km distance is also considered not an issue. "The arterial road connecting Cilincing with Tanjung Priok already exists, and the path is also in good condition."

Over the next month, the Department will evaluate the regulation on the truck operating restrictions and will consider to make it a permanent policy. "What are needed are a few adjustments," said Udar Pristono. The adjustment pertains to a system of warehousing and port that is open 24 hours. According to him, this problem is only a matter of timing. However, Udar Pristono admitted, this timing matter changes everything. Udar Pristono did not dismiss the news that the Transportation Department has received many protests from freight transport businessmen and companies. "But those that support for the policy to be made permanent are also abundant." 

Various parties, among them PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II and the Organisation of Land Transportation Owners (Organda) of DKI Jakarta, have urged the provincial government to immediately complete the construction of JORR I and II. They object to the government’s truck operating hours restriction and prohibition from entering the city, which have been implemented since the ASEAN Summit over the weekend. The temporary Policy has been extended until 10 June. Organda has even threatened to stop operating until the restriction is terminated. As a way out, they have called for the accelerated construction of JORR because the policy has congested the buffer zones of Jakarta, thereby increasing the cost burden (see box). Jasa Marga President Director Frans Setyaki Sunito said that the tender-determined contractor is ready to work on the Kebon Jeruk - Ulujami elevated toll road, which spans for 7km, this month. "But the process is still hampered by land acquisition," he said yesterday. He expressed hope that the land acquisition can be completed in August, and by mid-2012 the JORR I from Penjaringan until Rorotan, Cilincing, will be connected.

Land acquisition for JORR II is scheduled for completion in mid 2012. The execution of the construction is scheduled for completion in late 2013. The two outer ring toll roads effectively cut the roads into the city, so drivers from the buffer zones of the Capital City do not need to enter the city on their way to the airport or the seaport. "Those leaving from Bogor to the airport can just make a left turn following the Cimanggis toll road." AMANDRA MUSTIKA MEGARANI | HERU TRIYONO | ENDRI K