Prakarsa April 2016 Edition - Asset Management in Infrastructure

This April edition of Prakarsa takes a closer look at one of Indonesia’s infrastructure challenge that is too often overlooked –asset management. The feature articles present asset management issues in the road and water and sanitation sectors. These articles propose a number of key steps and recommendations to improve infrastructure asset management.

Prakarsa January 2016 Edition - New Research in Water and Sanitation

The January 2016 Prakarsa is devoted to “New Research in Water and Sanitation” as a result of IndII’s Australia-Indonesia Infrastructure Research Awards (AIIRA) scheme. Each award involves a partnership between an Indonesian university or research institution and an international partner to identify practical solutions to some of the challenges facing infrastructure development in Indonesia. This January edition shares findings and recommendation from six AIIRA partnerships. Some provide specific models to support water and sanitation (watsan) governance; others highlight lessons from case studies to improve watsan governance; and one presents a multidisciplinary approach to research to manage water resources in irrigation areas. 

Prakarsa October 2015 Edition - Private Finance

The October 2015 edition of Prakarsa has a theme of “Private Finance.” It discusses the urgent need to create a pipeline of projects that will appeal to investors and examines some of the strategies and approaches that are needed to accomplish this. How can Government and private sector interests be aligned? What Indonesian best practices can be followed to promote Public-Private Partnerships? What are perceptions of Indonesian opportunities among foreign investors? This edition also includes an article proposing an innovative institution, Infrastructure Partnerships Indonesia, to champion Indonesian infrastructure projects and ensure their progress.

Prakarsa July 2015 Edition - Sanitation Public Diplomacy

The theme of the July 2015 issue of Prakarsa is “Sanitation Public Diplomacy.” It provides an overview of IndII’s successful 2014-2015 outreach campaign, which delivered messages about the importance of sanitation infrastructure, the crucial role that Local Governments play, and the value of the Australia-Indonesia partnership. In this edition, leaders of the campaign share in their own words how they designed and implemented campaign activities and what lessons they learned. Also featured are prize-winning essays by students and journalists, as well as insights from other practitioners who are involved in sharing sanitation messages: the USAID-funded IUWASH program and the UNICEF-sponsored Tinju Tinja (Punch the Poo) social media campaign.

Prakarsa January 2015-April 2015 Double Edition – Voices From the Private Sector

The theme of the January-April double issue of Prakarsa is “Voices from the Private Sector.” This edition features interviews with seven private sectors experts in infrastructure finance, road building, urban mobility, ports, and water provision. They share insightful commentary that ranges from illustrative personal anecdotes to broad observations on how the private sector views Indonesian investment opportunities. Their perspectives on what actions the new government must pursue to improve the landscape for new investment in Indonesia will enrich the debate over the best directions for future Indonesian infrastructure policy.