The Advocacy Working Group for Transport Accessibility, which will monitor transport access for people with disability, moved forward by holding its first meeting at the IndII office on 27 January 2016.

Community members who have concerns with transport services and transport access by people with disability attended the meeting. The key representatives at the meeting were: Dimas Prasetyo Muharam from Kartunet; Bagus Supriyanto and David Tjahjana from Jakarta Transport Council (Dewan Transportasi Kota Jakarta, or DTKJ); Faisal Rusdi and Trian from Jakarta Barriers Free Tourism (JBFT); Mahmud Fasa, Head of PPDI (Persatuan Penyandang Disabilitas Indonesia); Adji Kusambarto, Section Head of Land Transport and Railways, Transport Agency Province Jakarta and his staff member, David Panjaitan; and the IndII team.

As part of her familiarisation program, DFAT’s  new Counsellor for Infrastructure and Economic Governance, Bridie Rushton visited five IndII projects in Bali and Nusa Tenggara Barat. On 16 December, Bridie and IndII team members went to a sAIIG site in Karangasem and travelled along   roads that were part of the Eastern Indonesia Roads Improvement Program (EINRIP) along Kusumba to Tohpati, Gianyar. The next day in Mataram, the team visited the Provincial Road Improvement and Maintenance (PRIM) program, which is undergoing construction activities for Package 5. Bridie and her delegation were able to meet with local school teachers and the local community leader who highlighted the smooth roads as a result of the PRIM project. The next visit was to the Pamsimas and Water Hibah sites where the team had community discussions to gather direct feedback and witness at first hand the benefits that the programs have brought to the lives of the beneficiaries. 

To acknowledge International Day of People with Disability on 2 December 2015, a variety of stakeholders participated in a workshop on Gender and Disability Integration in Bus Revitalisation – S66 Bus Corridor Pilot Program. Bus regulators, operators and users attended the discussion at Jakarta’s J.S. Luwansa Hotel. The event opened with a presentation on research into gender and disability accessibility for Non-BRT (bus rapid transit) transport by IndII Gender and Disability Expert Ruth Eveline. IndII Transport Adviser Rudi W. Setiaji spoke on the role of public transport in Jakarta’s revitalisation program. A lively discussion followed, during which the TransJakarta Technical Director Wijanarko shared plans for the Non-BRT system. “We will provide the tools which enable people with disability to access our public transport, such as audible information,  running text, and special folding chairs with seat belts,” he said. Many comments were made by other governmental stakeholders, including representatives of the Transport Agency and Social Welfare Agency from DKI Jakarta. Representatives of NGOs concerned with gender and disability issues offered valuable input. Among those offering commentary were the National Coalition of Women; National Commission of Women; Kartunet, a web-based organisation for capacity development for people with disability; Jakarta Barriers Free Tourism; Organisation of Women with Disability; and the Jakarta Transport Forum. The workshop concluded with a plan to create a working group in the near future which will include members of gender and disability groups to assist in the development of the Non-BRT system transport program.


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